Merzbow - _Door Open at 8 AM_
(Alien8 Recordings, 2000)
by: Gabriel Sanchez (8 out of 10)
Masami Akita's fourth release on Alien8 Recordings proves to be another step further away from the uncompromisingly harsh and mildly chaotic style most would pin the seasoned noise artist with. _DOa8AM_ is Akita's "tribute" to free jazz drummers, opening the door for the use of rhythm and "live" music as a backdrop to the screeching feedback and stereophonic noise effects. It is debatable as to whether or not the pieces featured are truly examples of structured noise, though there is little doubt to the fact that much thought and design went behind each track. Akita's choosing to finally step off the beaten path of noise is refreshing, to say the least. What is even more enticing is the fact that Akita appears to be forging his own way as opposed to trespassing on the trails clearly marked off by many of his peers. The noise is sporadic in parts and never once reaches a level that could be defined as "assaulting". Each track is far less of a rollercoaster ride through madness as it is to say a tube ride down an E Coli infested river at a Big 10 school; serene yet (un)surprisingly bad for one's well being. This lack of well being can be seen as dozens of Merzbow fans throw on this disc only to feel cheated and become visibly angry that their GHB money is now in the hands of Alien8 Recordings (or one of its distributors). Such is the life for those too ignorant to see all the signs and far too dense to appreciate the magnitude of what they are diving into. Such is life for a better part of humanity. After listening to Merzbow's reconstruction of John Coltrane's "Africa Brass Session", similar reactions over the loss of funds for unfiltered cigs and cheap mocha will be experienced by snoody avant-jazzhole extremists. Akita-san has done well.

Contact: Alien8 Recordings, PO Box 666, Station R,

(article published 20/11/2000)

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