Hysteresis - _Screen Anarkia_
(Independent, 2000)
by: David Rocher (8 out of 10)
Well, it's been a long wait for all who had cast an ear on Hysteresis' self-financed and produced EP, _Art Is Entertainment_. Whereas this first offering proudly displayed the French quartet's dedication to old but innovative thrash acts such as Coroner (especially of the _Grin_ era), _Screen Anarkia_ soon sets the backdrop for the 69 tracks and 69 minutes of bizarre, powerful, emotional and varied metal it showcases. Fuse Coroner-style riffing with Arabic chants and music, and you get the amazing "RU 432". Delve into more traditional metal tones, with killer guitar lines, wicked rhythms and breaks, and you have the enrapturing "Dawn of Silence". Hysteresis don't fail to break away from the traditional metal scope either, as they venture along more experimental lines of industrially-tinged musical weirdness such as "C.C.C.P.". _Screen Anarkia_, in many a sense, totally escapes the metal scope in which its roots are nonetheless firmly set -- Hysteresis have actually expanded their original thrash style to attain dimensions guaranteed to leave the most acceptant of metalheads totally disconcerted and disoriented at times. However, with openness in mind, they have succeeded in creating an opus of intricate, extremely elaborate and meaningful extreme -music-; in fact, _Screen Anarkia_'s only true problem is the lack of more powerful, ample guitars and drums, owing to the band's limited financial means -- with a Metallica-style production, _Screen Anarkia_ would very likely have attained even greater dimensions. With this said, however, this creature's sound is far more than merely acceptable, and does not impair in any way this album's unique power and significance. In a nutshell, _Screen Anarkia_ is an enlightened 69-minute, 69-track long journey into complex, varied and intermingled musical worlds, and clearly deserves any open-minded metalhead's attention.

Contact: hysteresis@chez.com

(article published 20/11/2000)

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