Diaboli - _Anthems of Sorrow_
(Full Moon Productions, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (6 out of 10)
"The Stream of Time", a.k.a. track four, is an incredible segue, but only totaling about three and a half minutes. A segue in every sense of the word specifically as it relates to the first part of the album, that I could pretty much do without, moving toward the last three songs, which I view as considerable. "The Stream of Time" acts as the diaphanous conduit of grace between the two segments. "As I Walk Through the Shadows" is the next track after the channel blasting you in the face as well as sliding you further through the silken tones of Diaboli's undertaking (at least from track four on). Even though the Finnish duo find their sound comparable to (I would assume -early-) Mayhem and Burzum, about the closest -I- see them to these aforementioned greats is on the second to last cut, "Majestic Midwinter Night". Other than this song, Diaboli may be closer to a _Wrath of the Tyrant_-era Emperor and a touch of the Crimson Moon [CoC #33] sound in there, too. Stripped-down from a group that once boasted five members, Grimn'r now simply vocalizes Pete's writing, guitar, bass, drums and synth work within the Diaboli fold. I wonder if that is what you'd call having the lion's share of the responsibility?

(article published 20/11/2000)

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