Damnation - _Resist_
(Dark Realm, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (7 out of 10)
I am going to briefly mention this fast then move on to the finer points of Damnation's newest effort. Straightaway, I have to admit I'm getting saturated with the "Satanic" and "anti-Christian" aspects ever more pervasive in music. It is almost to the point of desensitization. Consequently, it honestly has little bearing on my perception of a band anymore, by and large. On occasion, I think that the more these groups try to be "different" by traveling the "I'm -so- evil" path, the more they are just the same as all the others. Enough of that! Other than maybe incorporating some of the shared perspectives above, Damnation stands proud with their _Resist_ release. Embattled, confrontational and impassioned, Damnation makes a firm statement with this effort. With their "take no prisoners" and "no guts -- no glory" approach, this Polish band reaches down well past their dubbed dark death metal roots into uncharted territory. Sounding at times like a God Dethroned meets Morbid Angel (about their _Covenant_ period) meets Blood Ritual, Damnation's strongest and most obvious feature, I think, is the drumming: wickedly progressive firecracker beats worked effortlessly and conveniently around the guttural vocals and bitting guitars. _Resist_ is a shorter album, totaling about thirty-three and a half minutes, whereas I could have easily handled about forty-five from this blast-happy Clydesdale of a metal outfit. "Invisible Force" is nearly as alluring as "Doomsday Celebration" or "Desolate Ways", if you permit me to reach back a little bit further in the Morbid Angel comparison vault. One last bit of interest, at least to me, is the Dissection-esque cover on the CD rear that would put you in mind of seeing the back of _Storm of the Light's Bane_. Kinda cool. I believe that _Resist_ will go to some lengths to draw a few fans to this band's brood.

(article published 20/11/2000)

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