Zemial - _For the Glory of UR_
(Iron Pegasus, 2000)
by: Alvin Wee (10 out of 10)
Finally!!! After ages of obscure existence, Greek black gods Zemial have eventually graced our eager ears with a re-release of their only full length album (long deleted and hardly ever seen at all) on equally-cult label Iron Pegasus. The traditional Greek style needs no introduction, let it suffice to say that lovers of _His Majesty..._-era Varathron will not be disappointed with Zemial's more dynamic sound on _FtGoU_. Blending the epic qualities of Rotting Christ with the hook-laden simplicity of Varathron and the atmosphere of Necromantia, this piece of Greek history surely ranks among _Non Serviam_ and _Crossing the Fiery Path_ as a definitive piece of Hellenic metal. A cut-and-paste montage of sorts, the album boasts cuts ranging from a single '97 track "Nocturnal Witch", a rollicking riff-monster to say the least; slightly older material from '92/'93; and a true bonus: the two tracks from their legendary _Sleeping Under Tartarus_ 7" EP. Despite the apparent chronological discontinuity of the material, nothing seems out of place at all, even the instrumental piece doesn't seem out of place in the least. A tad thin at eight tracks, _FtGoU_ nevertheless satisfies immensely, and the hankering for more at the end can hardly be considered a fault of the album. Iron Pegasus has never attempted to hide the fact that their releases pander to collectors' whims, and this release in three(!) separate formats drives the point home. While the picture LP version of 100 numbered copies (in a picture sleeve!) may well be sold-out in the usual short time, the normal vinyl (333 copies) and the CD versions should still be up for grabs. A classic like this doesn't come round very often, and no effort should be spared in getting hold of it.

Contact: Iron Pegasus, P.O. Box 1462, 56804 Cochem/Mosel, Germany.

(article published 25/10/2000)

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