Wumpscut - _Bloodchild_
(Metropolis, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (9 out of 10)
Probably one of this year's most prominent and personally relevant releases. As to not shade the review any, this is my first exposure to Wumpscut. Most of you realize my tastes lean toward the death and black aspects of metal, so for this group to sponge my interest like it did lends a fair amount of credence to the possibility of opening new doors to varieties of expansive listening for me. I have probably spun this disc more than any other promo I've reviewed in a very long time -- if ever. The Wumpscut sound is so a propos to whatever mood or time of the day seems to dominate at the very moment you slide in a CD. Make no mistake, Wumpscut has little or nothing to do with metal; techno/industrial is the force to be reckoned with here. I'm moderately unsure of the terms "techno" and "industrial", as a whole, but they do seem to identify Wumpscut nearly perfect. This might not need mentioning, but Wumpscut is focused by along the beam of outstanding German electronic artists; in this case, Rudy Ratzinger. As a stab at the band's sound, let's just say that I whipped out my copy of Hanzel und Gretyl's _Ausgeflippt_ and found it massively less satisfying now in light of _Bloodchild_. About as close as I can get is a ham-handed comparison to labelmates Funker Vogt. This is the primary reason comparisons mostly fail to accomplish their task adequately of giving the listener/reader a parallel basis for judgement. Even the Funker Vogt contrast is not up to par due to the fact that FV is less languid and casual than Wumpscut's leaden beat and approach. I won't get into the entire history of the group, but it does stretch back to the very early nineties with some releases on other labels until 1996, when the impressive Wumpscut was picked up by Metropolis Records. The group has a solid number of efforts under its belt, and even though I only have ten cuts from _Bloodchild_'s new double CD compilation, complete with re-issues of some of the group's earliest material with rarities and a special multimedia track for computers, I still find myself in awe. It goes without saying, the complete _Bloodchild_ must be -astounding-! My new-found impression and interest in Wumpscut won't make writing my Funker Vogt review very easy. I'd certainly urge you to head to www.metropolis-records.com and find at least one way to expand your musical horizons -- with Wumpscut's help, of course.

Contact: http://www.insania.com/wumpscut/index.html

(article published 25/10/2000)

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