Rotten Sound - _Still Psycho_
(Necropolis / Deathvomit, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (4 out of 10)
I think I might rename the first four words above No Shit -- _Still Harebrained_. All this band's points came from the second track, "Ignorance", track five, "Lack of Awareness", and the multimedia clips of the band live this MCD comes with. For the brief time during the above mentioned songs, I was able to gloss over the shaving-off-your-asshair vocals in favor of Rotten Sound's determined rhythm and tempo variances and none of that "too fast" to "more too fast" shit either, as could be said about cuts one, three and four. This brings me to the only tune not yet mentioned, six. Track six is a cover of Carcass's "Reek of Putrefaction". I enjoy hearing bands tip their collective hats to inspiring bands, but not in this case. I have no points and took no points away for this due to the prominence of Carcass, but RS's version isn't even playing the same game as the original, let alone in the same ballpark. As you might be able to ascertain, Rotten Sound draws influence from Napalm Death and Extreme Noise Terror. But like the comparison to Carcass, RS isn't yet to this echelon. This is nearly a waste of sixteen and a half minutes of your time, but there are some not-so-dim spots to _Still Psycho_.

(article published 25/10/2000)

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