Point of Recognition - _The Admiration of a Son_
(Rescue, 2000)
by: Alex Cantwell (8 out of 10)
If this is SoCal Hardcore, I want more. Point of Recognition is -extremely- metal, but has plenty of hardcore elements, and enough sing-along choruses to please any shaved head. These six young men have done very well for themselves with this, their debut. PoR slams out fast one-two punches most of the time, but the mid-tempo material is just as heavy, and most times more emotional. The music is top-notch new school hardcore, and the production is crystal clear. One unique thing that sets them apart for sure is that they have two vocalists: one who uses the traditional hardcore shouting, and one who is closer to the black metal register. Some would say that it is totally unnecessary to have two vocalists in a hardcore band, but I think it adds an incredible dynamic to the chaos that the band themselves churn out, and it sounds really cool when they trade off every other vocal line. Another advantage that PoR have on the competition is the ability to write great riffs, and _TAoaS_ is packed with them. I recently saw these guys live, and it was like witnessing an explosion of power and emotion, and unfortunately as good as this CD is, in no way does it capture the excitement of the band in a live setting.

Contact: Rescue Records, 1075 Bay Blvd., Suite A,

(article published 25/10/2000)

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