Metalium - _State of Triumph -- Chapter Two_
(Pavement, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (3 out of 10)
I feel there is very little room in music for outfits like this and what meager space remains is more than adequately filled by Manowar's back catalog. Metalium is "triumph metal" (whatever the hell -that- means), so hence the title of the release. Formulated, paint-by-numbers metal is about all you can expect with this follow-up to Metalium's first effort, _Millennium Metal -- Chapter One_. Boy, something tells me I am glad I missed that effort altogether. _State of Triumph_ forces images of Europe, _Final Countdown_ era, meets Journey meets Lillian Axe or Styx into my mind. The three points this CD did manage to accumulate come from the mature separation between instruments; there is a heavy emphasis on clear musical distinction. That Metalium do impressively. Also there is a screen saver program on this disc. This, at least, is something different from the "flying through space" and "3D maze/pipes" that seem to be everywhere because of Windows. Celebrate triumphantly by buying another disc like classic Manowar. One can't go wrong with _Kings of Metal_, _Sign of the Hammer_ or if you -must- have the word "triumph" in the title, _The Triumph of Steel_ just isn't too bad either. As for _State of Triumph -- Chapter Two_, some things are better left unwritten.

(article published 25/10/2000)

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