Jane Doe 69 - _Snakeskin_
(Independent, 2000)
by: Pedro Azevedo (6 out of 10)
Too bad Jane Doe 69 still can't shake off some more of their own influences most of the time. They seem to jump from influence to influence throughout the majority of this second MCD of theirs -- Machine Head, Sepultura, Korn: it's all here. Boasting very competent production and playing, _Snakeskin_ is, if regarded independently of everything else that's going on in the music industry, a strong record that does show considerable potential. But when a band tends to remind you too often of some other bands' most peculiar characteristics, things begin to take a turn for the worse, and that's the case with JD69. Much like _Scars_ [CoC #48], _Snakeskin_ shows that the band still needs more creativity of its own, instead of creativity that's constantly being tainted with excessively obvious influences. They have improved since their previous release, and still look like they can evolve into something more interesting in the future, but there still seems to be quite a bit to change in their musical approach before that happens.

Contact: http://www.janedoe69.cjb.net

(article published 25/10/2000)

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