In Aeternum - _The Pestilent Plague_
(Necropolis, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (6 out of 10)
Here we go: another devilishly elegant slab of CD lawlessness, a la In Aeternum style, that is nearly impossible to review plausibly. I'm reminded here of The New Yorker and Harper's magazines columnist E.B. White, who was known for his essays lightly satirizing the complexities of modern life and once professing, "Analyzing humor is like dissecting a frog: nobody really enjoys it and the frog generally dies as a result." I feel the same way about analyzing In Aeternum's newest release, _The Pestilent Plague_. My score on this review fluctuated greatly depending on many things ranging from to -who- it was I had just finished listening -- to -what- time of day I was again spinning this disc. I compromised and gave _The Pestilent Plague_ the median score between my highest and lowest point values. I'll say this, In Aeternum has numbed, refined and chilled their sound somewhat since 1998's _Forever Blasphemy_, which I freely admit wasn't my favorite effort. The frozen maturity of _The Pestilent Plague_ may have something to do with Tommy Tagtgren's assistance at the Abyss Studios, but I attribute it more to In Aeternum in general and more-than-likely the slot they had opening for Immortal of their European tour, but this is simply conjecture on my part. I hear points of view that tie In Aeternum comparatively to Angel Corpse and Dissection (both great losses to the metal community), but I do not share that opinion. If I would permit the bridging of these bands in my own mind, In Aeternum would sure suffer in the bronze slot after the aforementioned powerhouse groups. Use your best judgement here, readers; In Aeternum is certainly brutal and chilling death metal with a new found petrified sound, but not a lot of meat to keep you returning to the bone to gorge upon.

(article published 25/10/2000)

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