Alchemist - _Organasm_
(Displeased, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (8.5 out of 10)
"Thinking-man's metal" is what I would call this enchanted, celestial outpouring of cerebral material. Australia's Alchemist wafts freely on an interesting flight through fogs of Neurosis blown though at times by breezes of Voivod and Cynic (_Focus_). Even though none of the CD's more than fifty minutes of challenging, fourth-dimensional music is colorless, my personal preference would be to take it all in at one sitting. For instance, tracks two, three, and four are dubbed the "Evolution Trilogy", comprised of, in order, "The Bio Approach", "Rampant Macro Life" and "Warring Tribes -- Eventual Demise". As the three-part title might suggest, Alchemist lays out a concentrated version of multi-celled life's (people?, animals?) progression and decline. A choice track that instantly grabbed my attention was "Tide in, Mind out". Creating mood softly but consistently, this song glides effortlessly on the listener's memory through passages in their mind. Typical throughout _Organasm_, and "Tide in, Mind out" in particular, vocalist/keyboardist/guitarist Adam Agius interjects a chemist's blend of clean, hostile, and death metal growls. With the damn fine participation of Roy Torkington (guitar), John Bray (bass/keyboard) and Rodney Holder (drums), it is no wonder Alchemist's line-up hasn't changed in seven years; one simply shouldn't fix a machine that isn't broken. This being my first awakening to the dream Alchemist concocts, I sure as hell intend to mix myself up a potion of their earlier amalgamations, starting most likely with their _Jar of Kingdom_, if possible. It's always best to start with a formula's first ingredient.

(article published 25/10/2000)

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