Overcome - _Immortal Until Their Work Is Done_
(Facedown Records, 2000)
by: Paul Schwarz (7 out of 10)
Having never before consciously listened to "Christcore", or Christian hardcore as it is more commonly referred to, I was somewhat surprised at how musically similar it seems to be to the music of many SXE bands, e.g. Earth Crisis. But, going back yet further than my being informed that _IUTWiD_ -was- indeed "Christcore", I must say that Overcome failed to make any large impression on me with their music, and even though a reasonable amount of listening to this record has interposed the time between then and now, I remain in my original conviction. I enjoyed Overcome's "work" more than Earth Crisis' _Breed the Killers_, for example, but to my -- admittedly relatively untrained -- ears this is not musically enough over Turmoil, or Integrity and Earth Crisis' good moments, to warrant a great deal of fuss. If you're content with angry, screamingly brutal metallic hardcore (which entails plenty of similarities to the more straightforward, atmosphere-devoid death metal bands out there) with big chunky kicks drums and sheet metal guitars, but nothing to severely challenge your musical mind (except maybe the acoustically driven penultimate track, "Reverance"), then I expect you'll be content with _IUTWiD_.

Contact: http://www.facedownrecords.com

(article published 12/8/2000)

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