Dark Funeral - _Teach Children to Worship Satan_
(No Fashion Records, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
Here they are again in rare form. Fresh from their prominent _Vobiscum Satanas_ release in 1998, an incredible new MCD is now available from black metal's powerhouse, Dark Funeral. I believe I notice, more than just occasionally, -so many- bands in this genre, in some way, distinguish their relationship to Dark Funeral, whether it be thanking them, as touring allies, or even as inspiration. _Teach Children to Worship Satan_, as you can tell from my rating above, is astounding, despite the fact that I could do without the title of the disc; too clumsy, in my opinion, for such a celebratedly arcane and nebulous band. No points were deducted for this, however, only a mere 0.5 subtracted for the petty fact that I could have certainly tolerated another -new- track on this MCD. As things turn out, the wildly superior "An Apprentice to Satan" is all I have to tide me over until Dark Funeral's next full-length offering. The bulk of _TCtWS_'s points come in the form of their renditions of Slayer's "Dead Skin Mask" and the grand and wondrous "Remember the Fallen" by Sodom. I've always thought that this was Sodom's strongest song off of _Agent Orange_ and I'll shamelessly admit that any band that covers that track wins -big- points in my book. At any rate, rounding out the other two cuts on _TCtWS_ are King Diamond's "The Trial" and Mayhem's "Pagan Fears". Four covers and one new Dark Funeral song therefore complete this exceedingly strong MCD. There is also a CD-extra MPEG video on here that is completely beguiling for any fan of the band. I have to wrap this up now, as it's time for a thrash around my room to DF's Sodom tribute; "Honour the fallen heros. See their last resting place. Perished in the battle of nations. Where they found eternal peace..."

(article published 12/8/2000)

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