Blood Storm - _Pestilence From the Dragonstar_
(Soul Sold Music, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (2 out of 10)
While I continue to have high hopes for the Soul Sold label, this isn't the best CD to inaugurate me to their endeavors. About the three minute mark on "Death Thunder", track two, and the ensuing first seconds and middle of the following song, "The Chaos Magician", provide the only illumination by which to see your way clear of this release. Horrendous. While some would think Raise Hell (Nuclear Blast) might qualify as unsatisfactory material generally, Blood Storm takes things to an all new level within the black metal sphere. BS was hatched from namelessness by Mezzardurus (vocals and guitar) in 1994 to issue forth an onslaught of occult metal. In my opinion, the band was better left in obscurity. No sense beating a dead horse. I'll be the first to own up to the fact that having only been exposed to the band's 1997 _The Atlantean Wardragon_ (Cacophonous Records) release prior to this atrocity of an album, I can't say that I am Blood Storm's biggest fan; not by a long shot. As I have told those who have asked about this newest offering, with so much scathing black metal to choose from today, I can honestly offer no compelling reason to own _Pestilence From the Dragonstar_. Beware.

(article published 12/8/2000)

10/16/1997 A Wasylyk 5 Blood Storm - The Atlantean Wardragon
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