Autumn Tears - _LPfDC Act III: Winter and the Broken Angel_
(Dark Symphonies, 2000)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
The highly anticipated third act of the "Love Poems for Dying Children" series [see CoC #23, #37, #43 and #45] is Autumn Tears' finest to date overall, though it contains no major surprises. I suspected their sound might begin to lean more towards Elend-like tenebrae, especially considering their latest MCD _Absolution_, which pointed in a different musical direction, was considered as being mostly experimental by the band and not an indication of what the future might bring. However, the one song on _Winter and the Broken Angel_ that was taken from that MCD, the sublime "The Never", turns out to be the track I enjoyed most on the full-length. And indeed sublime is a very appropriate adjective for most of the music on this album, though dark, eerie and melancholic are equally valid. The quality heralded by the excellent opener "The Grand Celebration" never disappoints (even if the chanting of "The Passion and the Fury" may not be my thing). The fact that there are now two (superb) female vocalists in the band, with Jennifer LeeAnna joining and Erika returning, increases the potential for variety in the music, though the possible interplay between their voices isn't really explored on this album. Erika's distinctive black vox found on Act II are only used on the last track this time, which was somewhat disappointing. The keyboard work is again superior to previous releases, though not very different in style, still aiming more at eerie melancholy than grandeur -- yet at times the music is also more grandiose than before. Beautiful ethereal melodies draped in sombre shroud, finely packaged and superiorly composed and performed by Autumn Tears is what you will find on _Winter and the Broken Angel_. What follows?


(article published 12/8/2000)

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