Running Wild - _Victory_
(Pavement Music, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (3 out of 10)
I can't say I have a lot of time for this type of metal. Like a primed geyser, founder Rock 'n' Rolf (NO! I'm not making this up) and the rest of Running Wild whip up a frenzied foam of excitement, but amounting to nothing more than musical delirium. The background filler the band is passing off as music would remind you of Peter Frampton meets Yngwie Malmsteen at a Badlands concert. "The Final Waltz", an instrumental track timing in at only about a minute and twenty seconds, could very well be the only reason I don't use this disc for skeet shooting practice. Running Wild opened for Motley Crue on the Theatre of Pain tour and recorded a rendition of Lennon and McCartney's "Revolution" for this release. Enough said?

(article published 12/8/2000)

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