Murder Corporation - _Murder Corporation_
(Regain Records, 1999)
by: David Rocher (4 out of 10)
This eponymous album was recorded in the cold month of October '97, as the snow fell in a white funereal veil of sorrow, icing mortals' very hearts and the blood in their veins and -- well, fuck that, because "Murder Corporation ain't never going to hang around the woods!", boasts _Murder Corporation_. A massive extremist death-metallistic dirge is what Deranged axeman Rikard's bunch have spawned here: a grinding, grunting and distinctly unemotional musical deformity, that prides itself in sneering at romanticism, subtlety or any boring emotion of the kind. With twelve titles of gross, intense and totally caricatured grind-sodden death metal, _Murder Corporation_ is clearly a proud statement of intent according to which feelings are for wusses, especially black metal warriors who lurk around forests at night. Well, the fun unfortunately fades quickly, as the interest of this album, despite the few cool hooklines and breaks it features, generally vanishes into sameness, and very rapidly turns out to be a damn good reason indeed to go to the woods for a nocturnal communion with the unleashed elements, or simply to check the enjoyable silence out... It's actually nothing personal, but this album is better a joke than a convincing death metal album, and Murder Creation's musical humour picks off precisely where my tolerance fails and shrivels away into sheer annoyance!

(article published 12/8/2000)

2/4/1997 A Bromley 8 Murder Corporation - Blood Revolution 2050
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