Lux Occulta - _My Guardian Anger_
(Pagan Records, 1999)
by: Pedro Azevedo (9 out of 10)
A band that has impressed me with every release so far [CoC #18, CoC #29], Lux Occulta did not fail to do so again with _My Guardian Anger_. Starting with an interesting album title and very good front and back cover art, Lux Occulta proceed to constantly challenge you throughout the record with their uncanny blend of aggression, technicality and avant-garde ideas -- a bit like what Solefald could have done instead of their disappointing _Neonism_ [CoC #43], but more metal-oriented and with a different sound. Indeed, the sound on _My Guardian Anger_ essentially leans more towards death than black metal elements, compared to the band's past efforts, but the keyboard work, arrangements, sudden rhythmic and contextual changes and musical influences therein defy classification. Very heavy, crushing, driving, and forming such a rapid yet fluid sequence of acute changes, the music just does not allow distraction. Be forewarned that this is a record unlikely to make much sense initially, but things really start finding their places after repeated listens and the massive fluidity, strength and creativity of it all fully surfaces. Challenging and remarkable.

(article published 12/8/2000)

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