Defaced Creation - _Serenity in Chaos_
(VOD Records, 1999)
by: David Rocher (8 out of 10)
With more than just their name being reminiscent of US deathsters Malevolent Creation, Scandinavia's Defaced Creation have the cutting aggressiveness, precision and inspiration to impose themselves rapidly as one of the uprising leaders of the... American death metal scene. Indeed, _Serenity in Chaos_ is a blasting, mauling assault that, and with vicious bloodlust at that, taps into the same gory vein as renowned acts such as Malevolent Creation, Cannibal Corpse or Germany's lesser-known Mental Aberration. With a sharpened, maiming rhythmical backbone provided by their fantastic drummer Arttu Marrki, and a four- and six-string section revelling in exemplary precision and power, _Serenity in Chaos_ boasts twelve tracks of crushing, blasting death metal guaranteed to pound listeners into dust, served with a crunchy Morrisound-style sound that nonetheless bears deep scars of the Scandinavian sense for power. Defaced Creation are murderously intense, surgically precise and superbly violent -- I know as little as nothing about these guys, but I'll wager that more will be heard of them at some point in a near future. With song titles such as "Stillborn" and "Cannibalistic Feast", this definitely un-canorous quintet know where they're headed, and are decidedly injecting true dedication into their career. Violent, raging death metal fans should make sure to keep tabs on these lads.

(article published 12/8/2000)

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