Viking Crown - _Innocence From Hell_
(Baphomet, 2000)
by: Aaron McKay (10 out of 10)
Pure and primitive metal nectar to slake the parch of the current black metal underground unfolds before you with this, the second offering from Viking Crown. This rabid release is the life-preserver you'd want heaved your direction if drowning in the Atlantic or the extra tall cafe grande to abate your raging caffeine headache. Absolute brilliance! The insatiable "Anton Crowley" has completely reworked the rules with _Innocence From Hell_. His mischievousness miscreant partners enlisted to aid the once staunchly solo VC may not surprise you; culminating the fiendish promenade are none other than Killjoy, Anton's bandmate in Necrophagia, as well as in the upcoming Eibon project, and Opal Enthroned, lending a creative majesty to _IFH_ with lofty cavalier keyboard workings. As a baseline comparison, again allow me to refer you to my review of _Unorthodox Steps of Ritual_ [CoC #42]. A very notable mention goes out to Patrick Tremblay for scheming together an artwork design for VC that conspires to be elicit and invoking in its duality, much the same way the album title strikes you; perfect in style accented by mixed duplicity and mutually exclusive terminology. Goethe would be proud.

(article published 25/5/2000)

8/12/1999 A McKay 10 Viking Crown - Unorthodox Steps of Ritual
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