Ritual Carnage - _Every Nerve Alive_
(Osmose, 2000)
by: David Rocher (8 out of 10)
These Japanese poseur bashers' debut, _The Highest Law_, had struck me as being one hell of a fun, cliched and compelling album to get one's teeth into; and in a sense, Ritual Carnage's anno 2000 follow-up to their first raucous, thrashing sonofabitch very much picks up where _THL_ left off. After a mildly lengthy intro sounding just that bit too much like Slayer's godly "Hell Awaits", _ENA_ kicks in -- fast and hard. Ritual Carnage's "keeping this simple" formula clicks just the same way as it always does, graced with a healthy quantity of pounding drums, biting guitar and throaty vocals. Ritual Carnage's songwriting has generally progressed vastly in terms of structures and musicality, but the most noticeable point remains the attention Damian's bunch now pay to the leads -- _ENA_ literally oozes with sweeping, screeching 100% metal guitar leads that'll have the air-guitar gene hidden deep within every metalhead going very twitchy indeed! _ENA_, my friends, is quite simply a totally METAL album, in the same way as Deceased's releases are METAL; this is an hour-long mouthful of intensity, sweaty leather, adrenaline and cliches with an attitude, and comes as a definitely recommended listen!

(article published 25/5/2000)

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