Deceased - _Supernatural Addiction_
(Relapse, 2000)
by: Paul Schwarz (9 out of 10)
Though I may not share drummer and vocalist King Fowley's opinions on nineties death metal giants like Morbid Angel (for the uninformed amongst you, he is -not- a big fan, to say the least), I have no problem accepting his difference of opinion -- in fact, if it keeps Deceased so craftily juxtaposing "traditional" death metal thrashery (a la Possessed or Venom) with the classic melody-driving heavy metal textures of the NWOBHM movement, then I am more than happy for him to call one of my favourite bands whatever expletive he might wish. Three years after the sixty-eight minute zombie-horror concept masterpiece of _Fearless Undead Machines_ [CoC #23], Deceased have changed lyrical focus considerably, drawing on more traditionally spooky, "morbid and macabre" horror like Edgar Allan Poe for this latest opus. However, it is _Supernatural Addiction_'s musical developments which are the more significant to their career. _Fearless Undead Machines_ toyed with metal melody; _Supernatural Addiction_ embraces it with open arms. Horrified long-time fans mouthing sell-out to themselves need not fear; Deceased retain their hard death/thrash character, they just don't let it hold them back from crafting full-blown melody wrangling metal tunes. Near-perfect metal storyteller "A Very Familiar Stranger" is -the- example to prove how beneficial this is. Lyrics and music intertwine seamlessly on this songwriting standout while Simon Efemey's air-tight production, which has fine-tuned Deceased's sound into a monstrous and powerful but obedient beast, does its magical work on bringing out every note and line with incredible clarity and power. Deceased can still thrash head-down with the best, but they can also cram melodic hooks into riffs which now absorb them, procreating a wonderfully metalised twin-guitar attack which consumes about half of _Supernatural Addiction_. Nevertheless, the simplistic two-riff crush of closer "Elly's Dementia" or the dark thrashing textures of "The Hanging Soldier" affirm that traditional Deceased tactics are far from, well, deceased. _Supernatural Addiction_ is one-hundred percent Deceased from start to finish, but it does see them once again draw on and incorporate new influences into their own distinctive -- I'm tempted by the word unique -- style. Surrounded by poor power metal retroism and inadequate Gothenburg Maidenisms of death metal, Deceased have raised a pronged fist in the air and remembered what it is to be dark, raging and most importantly metal as hell. Their solos are forged of pure melting melody and their riffs of frenetic thrashing steel. Chorus hooks grip you like the Cenobites gripped "Hellraier"'s Frank, and they craftily temper the thrashing guitars and hammering percussion. King Fowley's damned screams despairingly strain to make sense of it all with character and impact as their primary qualities. Definitely a mark by which to measure great metal by; crank it, bang your head and scale those air guitars!

(article published 25/5/2000)

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