Thanatos - _Emerging From the Netherworlds_
(Hammerheart, 2000)
by: Adrian Bromley (8.5 out of 10)
I don't know how many of you metal heads out there know of or at least heard of defunct act Thanatos, but back in the early '90s they were one of the premier death metal acts from overseas. They ruled the European death metal scene, easily going up against anything mighty that the U.S. dished out. Their strength and the flow of their material rushed into our veins and nudged us into a state of rampaging fury. The tight musicianship etched into the roarin' flare of material and enhanced by devilish wails of aggression easily sparked comparisons to Sepultura and Testament, but Thanatos was more than a carbon copy. They were in their own realm. With this re-release by Hammerheart (it was originally released on German label Shark Records) we not only get a solid remastered album, also eight previously unheard demo/live recordings thrown in to shake the foundation. What a bonus! This rules and I suggest any new metalheads to scope this out. By the way, Hammerheart is also re-releasing a beefed-up version of their '92 classic _Realm of Ecstacy_. Other good news: the band has regrouped and there is also talk of a new release in the Summer, titled _Angelic Encounters_. Let us all welcome back these metal veterans!

(article published 5/3/2000)

1/10/2001 K Buchanan 8 Thanatos - Angelic Encounters
5/19/1999 P Azevedo 4 Thanatos - Melegnia
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