Slaughter Lord - _Thrash 'til Death 86-87_
(Hammerheart, 2000)
by: Adrian Bromley (6 out of 10)
Another re-release from Hammerheart finds us visiting the filthy metallic world of Aussie death/thrash metal heroes Slaughter Lord. The band, while never having released a full album, were well known in the metal scene thanks to word of mouth and their legendary _Taste of Blood_ demo. The results of the remastering of these demos and rehearsal tapes? Downright dirty metal, to say the least. With enough anger and aggression spewing from the sinister snarls and shredding guitar riffs, one can easily see why back in 1985 this band was turning heads. But how would they fare in 2000? While heavy in sound, the band's music is severely dated and the production is rather weak. But I think it is safe to say that this release will no doubt attract the underground. Choice cuts: "Slaughterlord" and "Die by Power".

(article published 5/3/2000)

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