Temple - _Shores of Oblivion_
(Independent, 2000)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
There must be something in the water in Austin, Texas, 'cause it is making Dan Temple into a psycho metal freak. Dan Temple has once again won me over with his latest concept-themed album _Shores of Oblivion_, a much heavier and more solid recording than 1998's doom/metal effort _Bloodletting_. With faster riffs, ultra-cool samples and deep, deep vocal growls, Temple has managed to string together an impressive millennium release -- and once again, all by himself. This sucker has juice, people, rarely loosing stride for even one second. _SoO_ is a pounding fury of aggression that breaks away from the normality of death metal growls, adding a real neat substance of samples and distorted Megadeth riffs pummelling away at you. Production is pretty top notch and it is only time (Temple and I are probably both praying at this point) before Temple sees some label action. Far from classification, but right on the money for what metal fans are looking for. This gets my seal of approval.

Contact: P.O. Box 201765, Austin, Texas 78720-1765, USA

(article published 5/3/2000)

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