Rain Fell Within - _Believe_
(Dark Symphonies, 2000)
by: Pedro Azevedo (8 out of 10)
Rain Fell Within could have been just another band playing doomy metal with female vocals, but they are in fact different enough (apart from being American) and also simply good enough to deserve serious attention from those who like the genre. Dawn's vocals occasionally remind me of Kari Rueslatten (early The 3rd and the Mortal) with a good operatic tinge. The way her voice intertwines with the music is remarkable at times, and her performance is always very good and confident. The instrumental side differs from the genre's norm: the guitar work is generally melodic, but not stagnant or dull, while the keyboards (also performed by vocalist Dawn) are mostly used as a piano, leaving the main stage for the vocals and guitar work. There are only five songs on this less than 38 minute long album, the last being a short one, so you can expect four rather long tracks. The first, "A False Reality", despite being very good, suffers from being a bit longer than it should have been, but it still serves as a fine introduction to the band's quality. The second track, "Alone", has much more of a real song structure and its length is therefore adequate to its contents; again, very good, with some excellent vocal melodies. "Believe" isn't quite as remarkable as the first two, but features some fine vocal arrangements as highlight. "Sorrow Becomes Me" has a superb chorus melody which sounds very fragile and beautiful, like the one from "Alone". Finally, the short "The Sun in My Wound" is a tranquil and beautiful song where the spotlight is all on Dawn's voice, once again showing the enchanting melodies she can produce on her own. Rain Fell Within have made a fine debut with several excellent moments, despite having had only one day to record it, which is remarkable. The future looks very good indeed for them.

Contact: rainfellwithin@aol.com

(article published 5/3/2000)

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