Hades - _The Downside_
(Metal Blade, 2000)
by: Adrian Bromley (5 out of 10)
New York metal outfit Hades tried to do their best on this record in order to achieve a fine metal sound all around. The key word there is "tried". The music, while a little generic at times, does for the most part hit a solid stride and singer Alan Tecchio has a great metal voice, but as Hades' record _The Downside_ hits the midpoint it is quite obvious that the band has a hard time making their music go the distance. Riffs and drumming mesh into a blurring wall of noise and Tecchio's vocals become a tad irritating. The guitar riffs within Hades' material are indeed the most interesting aspect, wailing away in unison as Tecchio hits the high notes, yet easily dropping back to carry the weight of the metal groove. A mediocre release if you ask me, with just a tad bit of worthy substance to chew on.

(article published 5/3/2000)

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