Bathory - _Blood on Ice_
(Black Mark, 1996)
by: Adam Wasylyk (9 out of 10)
After listening to this for the first time I was surprised at how much I liked it! _Blood on Ice_ being Bathory's eleventh album, was recorded from February '88 to June '89 between the albums _Blood Fire Death_ and _Hammerheart_. Of the eleven songs, I particularly liked "Man of Iron", "One Eyed Old Man", "The Sword", "The Woodwoman" and "The Lake". Some of the songs are enhanced with choir-like backing vocals, greatly adding to the sound and atmosphere. The album also includes a 32-page booklet, detailing the recording of _Blood on Ice_ and some of the history of Bathory, along with the lyrics with a written intro to each song. So reading the intros and lyrics, it's as if one was reading a story. Even the cover art is fantastic! The only fault here is the weak production in some parts, due to the age of the recording. In the bio it says _Blood on Ice_ is "... an hour of true epic metal..." This doesn't even begin to explain how truly great this is.

(article published 9/6/1996)

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