Asphyx - _God Cries_
(Century Media, 1996)
by: Adam Wasylyk (7 out of 10)
Rising from the ashes of breaking up a year after the release of their self-titled album, the Dutch band Asphyx have come to life with their new album, _God Cries_. Reuniting with two-thirds of the original line-up, they put in a very solid 9-song effort. Songs like the title track, "My Beloved Enemy", "Died Yesterday" and "Slaughtered in Sodom" utilize slow to mid-paced speed, and concentrate on guitar intricacy rather than blinding speed (which some bands these days find necessary). Worthy of note is that _God Cries_ is a little more than half the length of their debut album with each song on averaging about three and a half minutes compared to their self-titled album where the average length is nearly six minutes (I guess on this album they took the "shorter but sweeter" approach). Not many surprises, but some good music nonetheless.

(article published 9/6/1996)

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