Overkill - _Wrecking Your Neck Live: Overkill 1985-95_
(CMC Music, 1995)
by: Adrian Bromley (9 out of 10)
Overkill live? Fuckin' right on!! Having seen Overkill as one of the premier thrash bands of the 1980's, this New York based powerhouse has decided to release a double-live album, the mother of all live thrash/speed metal albums (aside from the mighty Slayer's Decade Of Aggression.) Some said this band lost their edge following the release of 'The Years of Decay', but despite poor album sales and stalled tours, Overkill managed to put out strong material over the last few years, one highlight being the superb 'I Hear Black' LP. With 'Wrecking Your Neck Live' (recorded live at The Agora Theatre in Cleveland) Overkill manages to assemble an onslaught of material diversity opting to rely heavily on newer material such as "Supersonic Hate," "Bastard Nation" and the thrilling "Spiritual Void" to carry the bulk of this offering but still packed to the hilt will classic Overkill numbers like "SkullKrusher," "Hello From The Gutter," "Horrorscope" and (probably the best cruncher they ever wrote) "Elimination." For almost two hours of material you can't go wrong here. Besides, this is Overkill's live epic, an honest collection of live material and a stellar live performance, not something in the same vein as Metallica's drawn out money-grabber from few years back.

(article published 12/8/1995)

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