Runemagick - _Enter the Realm of Death_
(Century Media, 1999)
by: Paul Schwarz (5 out of 10)
If there is any artist who has masterminded and/or played on as many releases as Niklas "Terror" Rudolfson has in such a short a period of time in metal history, I want to know who it is. However, if their outputs are as overlong and thin on the ground in terms of quality, I really wonder whether I want to -hear- who it is. God damn it, this guy plays on two albums reviewed this -month-! What is then perhaps surprising about _EtRoD_ is that it is not wholly bad. It is seriously overlong, clocking in at a whopping 54 minutes, and doesn't warrant this exceptional playing time, but the riffs have a bit of kick and their backing in parts by subtle keyboards -- in a _The Fourth Dimension_-reminiscent Hypocrisy style -- puts them a good distance above the pathetic retro-ramblings of Rudolfson's Deathwitch project. If you really dig this guy's stuff, then I guess this one is for you, as it has most of his trademarks, swaying on the simple side of his tendencies in a similar though superior fashion to Deathwitch. However, for the section of the human race who realise that this has all been done before in at least a -slightly- better -- if not -much- better -- format, give _EtRoD_ a miss; it really isn't worth your time.

(article published 15/1/2000)

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