Rapture - _Futile_
(Spikefarm, 1999)
by: Adrian Bromley (8 out of 10)
As if the work of Katatonia and Opeth -- the two marvellous poets of emotionally sombre metal music currently winning over critics and fans worldwide -- wasn't enough, we now are forced to fall victim to the passion-filled numbers of Finnish act Rapture. A little more aggressive than the two aforementioned acts, but equally as diverse and as tremendously talented, Rapture do their best on their debut eight-song release. The rough snarls of singer Petri Eskelinen are among the strongest elements here, coating the symphonic and harmonic numbers with a venomous attack. Listeners will no doubt get drawn into the gripping work found on "This Is Where I Am" or "Someone I (Don't) Know". Intended for those who like their music with ample amounts of passion, but still metal sounding. A strong debut.

(article published 15/1/2000)

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