Gorbalrog - _Untergang_
(Solistitium, 1999)
by: Alex Cantwell (7 out of 10)
Germany's Gorbalrog is made up of two former members of Veil of Winter and have recorded three demos prior to their debut full length _Untergang_. In my opinion, Gorbalrog draw not from the rich thrash history of their homeland for influence, but instead have looked northward to Norway. The result is bombastic black metal with only a touch of thrash influence, keyboards for texture and clean guitar parts for mood; not far removed from the sound of Mork Gryning. Most of the songs on _Untergang_ range from six to eight minutes in length, and in that duration these two gentlemen have a healthy mix of fast and slow, using the combination of both brutality and beauty to a good end result; the vocals are equally as varied. Producer Harris Johns has caught all of this, making this release a well put together underground treasure that is worth seeking out. All of the lyrics are in German, and were not included with my promo copy, but according to their bio, the conceptual background of this release is based upon "hatred for the existing world and the stupidity and ignorance of mankind", which tells me that the lyrics are most likely somewhat intelligent, and although I can relate to what they are attempting to get across, I could do without the misanthropy, please. I'm sure that this band will prove to be a wise signing for Solistitium, as their sound and musical ability, as well as their creativity in songsmithing, is comparable to many well known bands in the genre.

Contact: Solistitium, PO Box 1210, 26802, Moormerland, Germany

(article published 15/1/2000)

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