Fleshgrind - _Destined for Defilement_
(Pavement, 1999)
by: Aaron McKay (9.5 out of 10)
Extremely impressive. Fleshgrind is breaking some severe ground with _Destined for Defilement_. I can only liken this work of celebrated eminence to the near unblemished sound of Dying Fetus. We only have about half an hour playtime on this release, but Fleshgrind uses -every- minute to the fullest. For sure nothing out of the ordinary, but Rich Lipscomb's vocals on _DfD_ are, frankly, some of the most truly honest, gut-twisting and all-around finest vocal strokes since Chris Barnes on 1991's _Butchered at Birth_ -- particularly "Vomit the Soul", which was, naturally, accentuated by Glen Benton of Deicide. All said and done, Rick's vocal prowess is definitely more guttural, but spectacularly executed on _DfD_. Choppy riffs the way I like 'em and a fast-paced, feeding-frenzy of staggering guitar riff after riff -- ominous and formidable, to not belabour the point! Listen in particular to "Lurid Impurity". Hear the Broken Hope influences? Hear the awesome bass work on "Rape Culture"? So do I. Perfect assimilation of outside factors into Fleshgrind's own sound. "Chamber of Obscurity" holds my personal intense interest. Brutal and soul-slicing with its inflexible rectitude precision chops. Wicked! Pick this newest release by Chicago's own. While I -patiently- await Martyr Music to present yours truly with the much anticipated newest Broken Hope effort, Fleshgrind -more- than pacify!

(article published 15/1/2000)

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