Centurian - _Chornzonic Chaos Gods_
(Full Moon Productions, 1999)
by: Aaron McKay (8.5 out of 10)
Boiled down to its bare essence, Centurian is about as underground, straightforward, blast-infested, carnage-laden, feverishly-paced metal as you could ever conceptualize. No fully rhythmic passages here. As it turns out, this might only distract the listener, to be honest. Centurian has quite some experience with music in this vein. Formed by ex-Inquisitor bandmates, Centurian put out a demo on Full Moon in the Spring of last year. From all accounts I have uncovered, the demo, _Of Purest Fire_, was so well received, even without a full band line-up at the time, that Centurian wasted little time getting the full CD out for mass consumption. Back to the music, I will point out that as fast as Centurian are, the band -does-, however, "thin-out" a song here and there to allow some skilful bass playing and drumming blast-beats to ebb through. Such is the case with my favorite track, six, on _Chornzonic Chaos Gods_ entitled "Blood for Satan". The last couple of songs on this hellishly performed release, "Cross of Fury" and "In the Name of Chaos", by the same token, exhibits the arrant guitar prowess of the group. Not as fast in places and enshrouding in its own majestic right. I won't hide the fact that I prefer my metal -- black, death or otherwise -- a little more rhythmic and groove aligned, but I couldn't deduct points away from Centurian for this, now, could I? Especially when they do what they do so well. Oh yeah, the cover art was created in a pool of the band's own blood. Interested yet?

(article published 15/1/2000)

1/14/2002 D Rocher 9 Centurian - Liber ZarZax
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