Adramelech - _Pure Blood Doom_
(Severe Music, 1999)
by: Pedro Azevedo (7 out of 10)
Finland hasn't produced much death metal lately -- at least not that I know of --, but Adramelech seem very determined to change that. Having formed a label of their own, they now release this _Pure Blood Doom_ and state their intentions of producing quality Finnish death metal. They have succeeded in doing so with _PBD_, though not brilliantly nor through great innovation. _Pure Blood Doom_ is well written, performed and produced. Adramelech generally keep the songs varied in pace and approach, with good riffs and rhythm and also competent (though somewhat unremarkable) vocals. A few highlights scattered throughout the album help them gain the extra mark -- namely "Centuries of Murder", "Thingstead" and "Spawn of the Suffering". The rest of the album clearly isn't unremarkable enough to virtually turn this into a three-song EP; the rest of the material is generally a bit more standard, but still quite competent, enjoyable and varied enough. It's good to see a band determined in playing and releasing the music they like (and doing it well) even though the genre's local scene has been rather forsaken, as the band states and as indeed appears to be the case.

Contact: Severe Music, PL 96, 32201 Loimaa, Finland

(article published 15/1/2000)

1/16/1999 P Schwarz 5 Adramelech - Seven
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