The Kuntautcult - _From the Pits..._
(Displeased, 1999)
by: Aaron McKay (8.5 out of 10)
Originally operating under the epithet Bodybag, the membership of the Kuntautcult is still unchanged to this day. With the addition and subtraction of the very same member, bassist Vincent Schutter, this three-piece band from Holland are honestly intense and brutal, creating a mid to fast-paced death metal oasis in a sea of mediocrity. Initially, Kuntautcult was to put forth an MCD to be released by Displeased. Instead, two songs, "Use Your Dagger" and "Venus", were added and so _From the Pits..._ came into being. On this release, track four, "Use Your Dagger", although semi-trite in name, provides as heavy a musical creation as I have heard since Mortician's somewhat downsized song efforts on _Hacked Up for Barbecue_. Powerful and crushing, "From the Pits of Hell" is damn near guaranteed to please fans from a cross-section of metal genres, this fact harboring little doubt in my mind. Mixed in the melee, "Galaxy Legends" drives home the point of the next track, "120 Bar of Pressure Up Your Appendix". Metal acoustic parts run rampant and wild amongst both songs, creating a strange, but -highly- palatable, work of metal inventiveness. A very interesting work of sharpened and delineated death metal is in store for you if you are up to the challenge The Kuntautcult is issuing forth triumphantly with -your- name on it.

(article published 9/12/1999)

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