Forest of Impaled - _Demonvoid_
(Red Stream, 1999)
by: Aaron McKay (10 out of 10)
I wish that I could simply state "OWN THIS" and all of you would know what exactly I meant and why I said it about this band. This method, however, would not allow me to communicate any of Forest of Impaled's brilliance to you, the CoC reader! Not a new band by any stretch of the imagination -- this Chicago band was established in the fall of 1992 in the essence of European metal. After three well received underground demos, Forest of Impaled released _Demonvoid_, which masterfully reticulated past musical growth from their demo material and expressed a commanding knowledge of dark times where mortal virtues were governed by the sword-blade. Fantastically articulated in carnal black metal fashion, FoI never, not for a minute, failed to impress me. I found them to incorporate only the vital essence of black metal into their, guess what?, -unique- sound. Yes! I said it, -unique-! Listen to _Demonvoid_, in particular "Metamorphosis (Birth of the Seventh)" about the fifty second mark -- riffing like I have longed to hear on an album such as this for quite some time. FoI bombards the listener with brutish metal onslaughts and then, all of a sudden, the band breaks into a slicing riff, as to make your skin crawl, while the rest of the band, it seems, -regroups- to attack from yet a third direction. Astounding! At just over half an hour in length, this nine-track work of art will spend a great deal of time spinning in my JVC player. Did you ever have one of those months where there was -too much- enticing metal to choose from? I'm having one, but for -you-, complicate your future personal CD choice with the addition of Forest of Impaled to your collection. I think you will thank me...

(article published 9/12/1999)

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