Centinex - _Bloodhunt_
(Repulse Records, 1999)
by: Paul Schwarz (4 out of 10)
Centinex have certainly been prolific over the last two years, this being their third release since _Reflections_ [CoC #26] saw the light of day in the Spring of 1997. Unfortunately, Centinex have done exceptionally little in terms of improving their songwriting or adapting their style since last year's _Reborn Through Flames_ [CoC #35]. _Bloodhunt_ is unfortunately just what I expected out of Centinex: more of the same. _Bloodhunt_ is better value for money because it is a six track EP instead of a seven track (with cover deducted) album. It is also more succinctly written on the whole and thus possibly more listenable. However, Centinex are doing the same thing as on _Reflections_ and _Reborn Through Flames_ (again, with the help of a well-programmed, but ultimately crippling, drum machine) and seem to have jumped on the "war metal" band wagon to drum up support, since the cover of this EP features tanks, but none of the songs seem to fixate on the subject of war. The reason I have reduced Centinex to a four this time is firstly because the band are really pushing it with how much they are repeating themselves, and secondly because I recently checked out their _Malleus Malificarum_ CD from 1995, and it's better than any of their last three releases, so I now know that the band have potential they are not living up to.

(article published 12/10/1999)

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