War - _We Are War_
(Necropolis Records, 1999)
by: Paul Schwarz (3 out of 10)
Well, all I can say is "Thank God I don't have to listen to this ever again". Though not religious, I feel that God needs to be figuratively thanked for the fact that when this review is finished _We Are War_ will not again be spun by me (except maybe to laugh at it briefly with colleagues and friends), since Satan seems to have had some hand in forging "The ultimate anti-Christian, anti-human musical statement". What that above quoted press sentence is supposed to entail I don't quite know, but judging by the music which spews forth from _We Are War_'s bullet-adorned CD, "The ultimate anti-Christian, anti-human musical statement" is a boring, derivative, solely-brutal black metal record on which songs fade out like they're taken off rehearsal tapes and certain misguided Scandinavians decide attempting to cover Sodom's "Bombenhagel" is a worthwhile way to take up time. The three out of ten you see above is only there because "We Are War" and "Kill God" are actually quite decent songs; however, were these removed from _We Are War_, not only would you be left with a mere twenty minutes of original material, you'd also notice my score drop by at least two points. War are summed up very well by the titles of their own albums if you replace the word "war" with "boredom" and "boring" on _Total War_ [the band's first release, CoC #29] and _We Are War_, respectively. [Thanks to Count Gnat for help with that last sentence. -- Paul]

(article published 12/8/1999)

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