Suicidal Tendencies - _Freedumb_
(Suicidal Records, 1999)
by: Jody Webb (7 out of 10)
The sole original cyco Mike Muir has concocted a high octane combustion of punk and thrash that jolted me from the first spin. By the time they blasted out the last note of the fifth track, I was hailing this as the comeback of the year. Somebody located their songwriting ability and breathed new life into it with punk! There is not a trace of the generic metal or gratuitous funk bass churned out on the mediocre _The Art of Rebellion_. Indeed in true punk form only a handful of songs reach past the three minute mark and as I write I find myself wondering if there is even a guitar solo on _Freedumb_. On the other hand, the flip side to punk is the risk of degeneration into sameness, and unfortunately Muir was unable to keep it fresh. After a few songs this album begins to go in one ear and out the other. Suicidal has returned to the energy and aggression captured on _Suicidal Tendencies_, but the music here lacks depth and the forgettable lyrics never approach the irreverent, off the top of the head classics found on that first masterpiece. Some of this kicks major butt, though, and I would be lying if I told you that great songs like "Freedumb" or "Cyco Vision" were not my anthems for the summer.

(article published 12/8/1999)

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