Sadistik Exekution - _K.A.O.S._
(Osmose, 1999)
by: Paul Schwarz (1 out of 10)
I don't get Sadistik Exekution at all. Chaotic music is good, I like chaotic music, but there's a limit to everything. I can't say I don't admire the band's technical ability for recording something as fast and, especially rhythmically, complex as _K.A.O.S_, live in the studio, but being able to admire how fast a band can play does not mean I enjoy their music. Sadistik Execution play really fast nearly all the time and, to be honest, much as they create a whirlwind of noise, listening to their noise is less interesting than listening to a recording of a whirlwind, I imagine. Rok's vocals are faceless and boring, the drums sound totally over-trebled and ridiculously tinny, the guitars scale the fretboard with uninteresting chords and progressions, the bass occasionally gets its chance to do some "breaks", which are just wank, and the production, well, it's like someone wanted to design the perfect sound to bore people: I wonder whether -good- music would be listenable with such a sound behind it. There are five bonus tracks on this release, but they're all on the album, just in different versions which sound better, even though I think some of them are originals where _K.A.O.S._ contains re-recordings. I have found maybe half a dozen decent riffs on this release which I have awarded the band their "1" for, but, quite honestly, I find this pretty unlistenable, and because it's shit, not "so fucking extreme" as I'm sure the band would claim.

(article published 7/7/1999)

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