The Chasm - _Deathcult for Eternity: The Triumph_
(Oz Productions, 1998)
by: Paul Schwarz (9 out of 10)
Yes, I know this one's old, but we never covered it, and thus, since I recently picked it up and found it in virtually permanent rotation on my considerably crowded listening platter for weeks, I decided it was worth notifying you, the readers of CoC, of the existence and brilliance of this album. This is the band Daniel Corchado (who did the incredible vocals on Incantation's latest masterpiece, _Diabolical Conquest_) is now once again a permanent member of, and his gutturally crushing and wide-ranging vocal style features, and is used to great effect over _DfETT_'s lengthy 55 minutes. But his vocals are far from being the only highlight: the guitar work is excellent, ranging from the infectious, straight-ahead pounding of "Revenge Rises", which opens the album, on to the woven acoustics and duelling melodies of "I'm the Hateful Raven" and "A Portal to Nowhere" and back again and in other directions at the drop of a hat. The drumming, though not really innovative, is creative and is a meaty backing for the music. The production of this record is rough and clunky (in the good sense), like early Autopsy and Incantation, but not as darkly hollow sounding. The sound of _DfETT_ is much thicker and the guitar melodies are pronounced and distinctly melancholic, leaning towards a more doomy result than a sludge-death one. Daniel (who wrote all the music and lyrics) has drawn heavily on basic, hard-hitting death metal influences and combined these with a more melancholic, doomy approach and produced a record which possesses the rare combination of being both invigoratingly muscular and violent, while also being stirringly emotional and creating disconcerting atmospheres, impressively achieved without any use of keyboards. The music here is pretty unique; I can't think of an album I have which is quite like it and can pick out few records from my collection which combine the two aspects mentioned above, so well, in this, _DfETT_ sits up with the likes of _The Key_ and _Focus_. The title says it all: a total triumph, and one which was recorded before Daniel even joined Incantation. Thus, I am awaiting with bated breath to find out what the band will now produce with all his additional experience behind them: album of 1999/2000? It's certainly possible.

Contact: Oz Productions, Apdo. Postal 109, Boulevares C.P.,

(article published 15/6/1999)

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