Scorched Earth Policy - _Tones of Ambivalence XCIX_
(Scorched Earth Music, 1999)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
Don't get me wrong when I write this review, because this band does kick ass and I'm giving them a good rating, but I gotta tell it to you straight up: it's all been done before. Like the work of Mindset, Only Living Witness, Helmet or even Tura Satana (the list could go on), Scorched Earth Policy keep their feet planted on the ground, tune down the guitars and turn up the volume and crank it. Nothing wrong with that, as all four songs on the EP rock like there is no tomorrow (especially "Target Market"), but we need to break new ground here as these noise-core/metal bands are starting to lose ground and repeat themselves. It's becoming a little dishevelled in the ranks, my dear music fans. But take note of a great pretty much unknown band and lock heads. They should kick your ass pretty good.

Contact: 4168 Park Blvd Oakland, CA USA 94602

(article published 15/6/1999)

11/15/2006 T DePalma 6.5 Scorched Earth Policy - MMVI
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