Dellamorte - _Home Sweet Hell..._
(Osmose, 1999)
by: Paul Schwarz (5.5 out of 10)
If you're familiar with Dellamorte from their second _Uglier and More Disgusting_ album of 1997 and you want that album's evil, near-identical twin, you are advised to snap up _Home Sweet Hell..._, no questions asked. For those of you not familiar with this Swedish, Tagtgren/Abyss-produced band (wow, think of all the bands I could be talking about with that qualification), their approach centres on straightforward, speedy death-punk and "death 'n' roll" a la Entombed's classic _Wolverine Blues_. Dellamorte's upside continues to be that their production gives them power and that they write songs which are listenable and "rocking". However, _HSH_ has some serious fall downs. To be honest, apart from "Supercharged", which has a bit of a Cathedral a la _The Ethereal Mirror_ thing going on, this is an entire album of -exactly- the same sort of stuff that was on _UaMD_, to the extent that I would suggest "Older and More Uninteresting" would have been a more fitting title for _HSH_. It's not that Dellamorte are the -most- unoriginal or the -worst- at rehashing this style, but the point is they -are- unoriginal and they -are- rehashing a style, and when I can hear this going on on an album it tends to prevent me from enjoying it very much, apart from exceptional cases; and Dellamorte are not one of those.

(article published 15/6/1999)

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