Bifrost - _Mythistory_
(Hammerheart Records, 1998)
by: Nuno Almeida (7 out of 10)
Looking at the cover art of this release, one could be fooled and say "yet another Scandinavian Viking metal band". Bifrost, however, are very different. Since the cover work and band name were taken from Norse mythology, I was somewhat surprised to find out that they were Dutch. In fact, the band was created in 1993, this being their third album and the first one on Hammerheart Records. The lyrics don't deal with Norse mythology as one would expect, but rather with a wider range of issues, such as witchcraft and magic, heathendom, occultism, pre-Christian religions and mysticism. Musically, they have more to do with, say, Judas Priest or Helloween, than with Enslaved. The music is heavily traditional speed/power metal influenced, with the trademark guitar solos, choruses, and more. Vocals follow the old-school approach, changing to death growls or clean vocals now and then. This could be an interesting release -- in fact, I must give them credit for being original instead of following the black metal approach of the other bands that share their lyrical content. The problem is that the songs are not catchy enough, with only a few nice parts, usually lead by the keyboard. Still, this is by no means a bad release. (Also reviewed in Ancient Ceremonies #3 --

(article published 15/6/1999)

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