Sculpture - _Spiritual Matrix_
(Lowroof, 1998)
by: Alex Cantwell (7.5 out of 10)
First off, this is not the Sculpture from Portugal or wherever; these guys are from The Netherlands. This Sculpture play an angry style of late '80s thrash. Their ten compositions on _Spiritual Matrix_ are admittedly a bit simplistic, but powerful nonetheless. Could it be that they are just playing the music that they enjoy, instead of playing what everyone claims is "relevant"? I believe that is the case here, because these songs are played with conviction, and a lot of it. I can't justify slamming a band for playing thrash, unless of course it is of poor quality, because I still listen to quite a bit of it myself, 1999 or not. That said, on to the music. Sculpture's two guitarists employ very skilful riffing, and have a good handle on harmonies and counter melodies, complementing each other and the songs a great deal. All the songs contain great guitar solos and actually all of the band should be commended for good performances all around.

Contact: Lowroof Records, Debora Bakelaan 162,

(article published 19/5/1999)

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