Crowbar - _Time Heals Nothing_
(Pavement, 1995)
by: Adrian Bromley (7 out of 10)
This band is heavy. Really heavy. With the release of 'Time Heals Nothing', their sophomore release, New Orlean's Crowbar have taken control of a lot of things this time around, primarily the producing of this album (their debut was aided by Pantera's Phil Anselmo) and the direction that the band has decided to go with their music. Where Crowbar last time stood - heavy guitar chords, loud drums and gargled vocals - with 'Time Heals Nothing' we see a more at ease band, growing with their sound and able to branch out and experiment with just how heavy they actually can be. Take note on opener "The Only Factor" or "Still I Reach" - Is this band capable of attaining heaviness through many methods or what? I found also other numbers like "Lack of Tolerance," the title track or "A Perpetual Need" as intense pieces of work. My only quarrel about Crowbar and their music is that it seems to be too generic/repetitive at times. Sure they go about reaching a peak of heaviness different than most bands, as seen through the stop and go sludge of their music, but in the end they are still just another metal band that isn't really stretching the boundaries of where metal is capable of going. Deep down inside I see a lot of potential for Crowbar, but right now I think the most important thing that Crowbar needs to do is grow with their sound and music and let the course of time be the judge of things to come.

(article published 12/8/1995)

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