Necrophagia - _Holocausto de la Morte_
(Red Stream, 1998)
by: Aaron McKay (8.5 out of 10)
Are these guys one of the best kept secrets on the planet or what? -Any- band that lambastes me with samples of "The Exorcist III" from the get-go -instantly- has my respect. Appropriately released on last year's Halloween, _HdlM_ is Necrophagia's first new album in twelve long years. Yup, that's right, twelve years! Conceived in 1983 with the _Death Is Fun_ CD, this band could actually stand tall as a pioneer of the combination of gore/death metal tsunami prevalent today. This Ohio four-piece's second effort, _Seasons of the Dead_, went over in a huge way, further solidifying their stranglehold in the extreme carnage and bloodshed arena in which they operate. _HdlM_, or _Holocaust of Death_, is certainly the sharpened tip on their long spear of existence. Choppy, rough guitar licks and mercurial rhythms abound amongst _HdlM_'s eight tracks. Probably this writer's favorite aspect on this effort, other than Necrophagia's ten-ton style, is their more than adequate use of feedback in strategic places. This technique is brilliant when done well, and exemplifies immaturity when done otherwise. The latter point is of no concern to Necrophagia. I have heard few bands pull this guitar approach off as effortlessly as these guys. A real honorable mention, at this point, needs to be given to Red Stream for the monumentally staggering job they did with packaging this latest instalment of Necrophagia's blood-soaked existence. What a great job! In summary, I would have to say fans that could use a more rhythmic Cannibal Corpse and have an affinity for horror movies will eat Necrophagia's _Holocausto de la Morte_ up with a damn spoon.

(article published 14/3/1999)

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